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cj lift installation

Jeep CJ front Shock Mounts




CJ Front Extended Shock Mounts.

These bolt-on units increase the height on the top end of your shocks.

Allows you to install those super long shocks for that extra articulation you so crave for your Jeep.

Powdercoated for an awesome look and finish. They come complete with easy to follow instructions, shock mounting hardware, and frame mounting hardware.

AVOID those ghetto-rigged FORD TRUCK MOUNTS some people use.... Often your tires hit them which requires further headache and modification, the mounting system is weak and puts your frame at stress. They sit cockeyed which binds the bushings. These things should be avoided. Go for a properly designed and engineered mounting system for your CJ, from Rocky Road.

We get asked about the height of these extensions... If you have the low shock mount that comes off the frame, then our extension is 8-10" above the factory mount depending on whether it's a CJ5 or CJ7/8 and how you mount it. Some newer model CJ's had a taller style mount from the factory, in which case our kit is about a 2" extension.

Our shock mount kits are a bolton piece. However some Jeeps use a stock bolton style shock mount and are easily removed, some may require cutting a factory welded shock mount to install our new kit.  



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