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New goodies!

Roof Top Tent kits! Tepui... best tents on the market. Free shipping! They couple perfectly wiith our rack systems. "Miscellaneous webpage"

KICKER Rock Sliders. Popular with the Toyota crowd for years, Rocky Road has now made these super cool rock sliders (with Diamond Plate rear) available for Cherokees. "Armor page"

Right Hand Drive 4-5" Old Man Emu lifts. Now available are the world famous 4" and 5" Rocky Road OME lift kits for Right Hand Drive Jeeps. Right Hand Jeepers... You can have the world's best ride quality in a taller suspension height! Check our "Suspension page".

2014 Jeep Cherokee, KL (not Grand Cherokee). If you are looking for information on the new 2014 Jeep Cherokee, please visit our new webpage by clicking 2014 Jeep Cherokee




Rocky Road gift certificates! Good for any product we offer and they never expire.

Rocky Road Gift Certificate



Take a peek at our Rocky Road outfitted XJ (playing on Hummer Hill) in Moab.

We've decked it chock full of the stuff we carry... but it ain't done yet!



**Rocky Road Outfitters... voted one of the top ten "All Star Manufacturers" in the United States**
Four Wheeler magazine.


The XJ ramp indicator.
Lift your front driver's tire until another tire comes off the ground
Take your measurement to our RTI chart, and see what your score would be.
A perfect score of 1000 on a Cherokee would be reached at a height of 34.5"



Our favorite Jeep Cherokee picture :^)

Buckle up boys & girls. Can you say, YEE-HAH!!!!



History is made in Utah as new more lenient suspension laws go into effect. Rocky Road owner Glenn Wakefield was there!

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