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ARB Cherokee Bull Bar

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cherokee bull barARB Bull Bar being 'tested' on our 97 Cherokee on the Metal Masher Trail in Moab.

The ARB Bull Bar is the one true 'Bull Bar' on the market. Bull Bar is a brand name which other lessor companies have latched onto to try and bolster their offering's value. Don't be fooled by flimsy bolton brush guards, they would lose in a battle with a tumbleweed.  

The ARB Bull Bar is a battering ram. It is air bag compatible. And is really the only serious offroad Cherokee bumper on the market we've seen that doesn't look like a 'high school shop project'. We've done our best to bang this thing up, and we just can't seem to damage it.

ARB designs it's bars using the latest technology. CAD CAM for design, then components are manufactured using a computerized mandrel bending machine. The ARB laser machines allow for the most intricate designs eliminating the need to compromise. Punching, folding and welding are all conducted under the strictest of quality control measures.

Winch mounting provisions are integrally designed into every Bull Bar front guard. Roller fairleads mount easily every time. The front guards mounting systems are designed to ensure maximum strength in three different directions: direct impact, side impact, and pull or shear for winching.

Best Bull Bar Bumper for Jeep Cherokee

cherokee bull barWhen it comes to maximum frontal protection, look no further than superior quality one piece winch bumpers from ARB. Originally designed to withstand the harsh and remote conditions of Australia's outback, these bumpers are designed using the latest CAD CAM equipment to provide unmatched structural integrity, precise fit and innovative styling.

Components are laser cut, CNC machined and mandrel bent from 3 mm thick steel plate and 2.6 mm thick seamless tubing which are then assembled using high strength MIG welding. Superior, vehicle specific mounting systems offers maximum strength in frontal and side impact as well as high pull (shear) strength for winching. Fully pressed roller fairlead support is fully integrated and welded to the bumper.

Assembled bars are steel shot blasted, hot phosphate washed then protected with a durable, chip resistant electrostatically applied and baked-on satin black powder coating (or you can have it painted to match your vehicle's body color).

An extremely important point regarding the ARB Bull Bar over all others on the market... the ARB bumper is crash test certified for use with your 4x4's airbag system. No other bumper on the market has this. Are you willing to run the risk of having your airbag blow in your face for no reason, or have your insurance company not cover replacement because your bumper wasn't certified for the airbag system? Its just not worth your safety or the liability. Just one of the many reasons to stick with the best looking and strongest on the market, the ARB Bull Bar.

In a nutshell, the ARB Bull Bar is an absolute BATTERING RAM. A great looking one at that! Includes all necessary high grade mounting hardware, brackets, indicator lights and installation instructions. Pre-drilled lamp mounting area accepts most auxiliary lamps.

Lowest prices, Cherokee Bull Bar Bumper

SAVE MONEY!!! ARB Bull Bars are completely bolton. No metal cutting or welding is required. All you need is a set of wrenches and the ability to follow easy instructions with lots of pictures. Do it yourself, or Have Rocky Road do your installation!

FREE SHIPPING when you have Rocky Road Outfitters do your installation!

We do also carry Heavy Duty winches for ARB Bumpers. Our special arrangement allows us to provide these excellent winches at excellent pricing with FREE SHIPPING if ordered at the same time as the Bull Bar. Again, our special Heavy Duty winch pricing only applies to purchases with a bumper at the same time!

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FREE SHIPPING when you have Rocky Road Outfitters do your installation!

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