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jeep wrangler installation

2" and 3" Wrangler Budget Lift kits for Jeep TJ Wrangler (1997-06),
Rubicon, Unlimited, and YJ Wranglers (thru 1995)

 wrangler lift kit

EXTREME is cool!

There's really no debate that extreme 4wheeling catches our attention and is really great to watch.

But let's face it, this guy on the left doesn't have to use his rig to drive to work everyday, run errands, or even drive this thing TO the trail on weekends for that matter.

So while EXTREME 4wheeling is very high on the cool scale, it is also very low on the practical scale. That's where Rocky Road comes in. We'll let those guys have their fun and maybe even watch their videos sometimes, but we know what real world folks drive..... and let's face it, how silly a stock Jeep looks.

The bottom line is that most folks do want to spice up their Jeep a bit, but super expensive suspensions that change the way a vehicle drives and handles are NOT what most people are looking for. We want a sensible suspension that gets us onto some bigger tires for a MUCH better look and some extra clearance for the occasional weekend trail ride.

wrangler lift kitIf this describes you, then Rocky Road has the answer. Our Budget Lift series kits are easy to install, retain the stock suspension, and don't screw up your vehicle. After installation of a Rocky Road lift, you will still have the same safe and sane handling on your daily driver.

     YJ Wrangler owners (Jeeps thru 1995) scroll down to info for your system.

     JK Wrangler owners (Jeeps 2007 and newer), please click to view kits for your Jeep.


A great starter lift for your Wrangler, or...

For those of you who already have lift springs on your Jeep and want a bit more height, our Budget lifts will work for you as well. Our coil spacers will add onto any existing spring lift and for your Jeep, our BPE's (Bar Pin Eliminators) will lengthen your already extended shocks. A perfect compliment to any already lifted Jeep.

Our kits use a proprietary high density polyurethane spacer that mount with your stock springs. This eliminates the problem with most kits on the market today.... STIFF springs.

Most lift companies choose the lowest bid when farming out production of their springs which means the customer oftimes gets stuck with a ride that is worse than stock. Our Budget lift series of kits avoid this headache and keeps your Jeep riding smooth and stable. Our Rocky Road brand coil spacers are also a full 2 inches tall. Most other coil spacers on the market only provide 1 5/8" lift, even though they represent themselves as a "2 inch lift".

Why are Rocky Road Budget lifts among the top-selling on the market??? Is it our simple installation? Ride quality, stability, and safety? It could be these, but the fact that we have the best prices on the planet might have a little something to do with it as well. All Rocky Road kits come with easy to follow installation instructions. All of our budget lift suspensions also have a lifetime warranty on spring spacers.
wrangler lift kit

3" Budget lifted TJ Wrangler.

wrangler lift kit

2" lifted TJ Wrangler in action

wrangler lift kit

Budget lifted YJ Wrangler looking sharp on the trail.

A big difference you'll find between a Rocky Road Budget lift and others is that we give you something you actually HAVE TO HAVE when you put 2" on your Jeep, BPE (Bar Pin Eliminator) Shock Extensions. All other kits only provide coil spacers only, or they give you a bumpstop extension. These extensions are absolutely unnecessary unless you're jumping your Jeep at some sand dunes (bad idea if its your daily driver).... bumpstop extensions are 100% unnecessary. Bag that unnecessary expense and pick up a kit that will actually improve your suspension flex instead of worsening it. Our kit includes Shock Extensions that do the trick!!!

Please note that 2004 and newer Wranglers, Rubicons, and Unlimiteds have a vulcanized bar-pin setup that requires the use of new bushings for BPE installation. Please specify your year vehicle if ordering by phone, or choose the correct kit from our online order system.

Remember... an inexpensive lift doesn't have to mean a "cheap lift". Budget lifts are all excellent quality, lifetime guarantee, and they don't adversely affect your ride quality, handling, or stability.


This kit gives the best of all worlds for those interested in a full 3" of lift. We include our 2" Budget lift with the BPE shock extensions for the suspension, AND a 1" body lift. This great combination gives you a full 3", but doesn't cause enough change in your suspension to necessitate drivetrain, steering, or brake line modification. This is THE BEST way to get 3" on your Jeep while keeping the costs to a minimum, and headaches non-existant!

YJ Wrangler Budget lift (thru 1995).

The square headlight crowd need not worry. We understand you guys need budget lifts too. For you we offer our 2" Budget combo lift. You get 2" shackles for a full 1" of suspension lift, and you get a 1" body lift. This system works great since you're not required to replace your existing shocks or springs which really keeps prices in check. Also keep the suspension mild so you don't need to fuss with T-case drop kits or other modifications necessary for taller suspensions. This is the most affordable way to safely get 2" of lift onto your YJ Wrangler Jeep.


PLEASE NOTE: Our complete Budget lifts do include shock extensions for your Jeep. However, for those that do want to change out their factory shocks for a longer offroading shock kit, we also have a package with soft riding Rocky Road engineered shocks. Tired of shocks from ProComp, Rancho, Skyjacker, Superlift, and numerous others 'brand name' shocks designed for the weight of a full sized pickup trucks? So are we. We designed our shocks to provide a plush ride quality for folks who actually use their Jeeps daily around town, but who also want a top grade offroad shock for when the weekend rolls around. The RRO shocks are specifically for the weight of Jeeps which makes them very much smoother riding than the other brands that design all shocks around pickup truck valving, yet package them as a 'universal fit' to vehicles thousands of pounds lighter.


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YJ Wrangler Lift Kit(thru 1996)
Wrangler, Rubicon, Unlimited Lift Kit (1997-2006)
with shock extensions
Wrangler, Rubicon, Unlimited Lift Kit (1997-2006)
with all new shocks



wrangler lift kit

 2" Budget lifted YJ Wrangler.