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samurai lift installation

3" Budget Samurai Lift Kit



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Samurai Lift Kit

Steve Albright's stock Samurai before our 3" lift....

Samurai Lift Kit

...and after our 3" lift. In one day it went from a cute little toy car, to a bad-ass looking on & offroad killer!

Why Offer a Budget Samurai Lift Kit???

Budget constraints....

Hey, we're hip to the money thing.

Everyone has been there at one time or another and lately, everyone is feeling a pinch. Just because times are tight doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to install a Samurai lift kit.

For the 'financially challenged' wheeler looking to make some major ride improvements and get some decent sized tires under the vehicle, our budget lift makes perfect sense.


Springs. We do splurge a bit and offer the best U.S. spring made with our budget kit. These aren't some cheapo spring we had built by the lowest bidder with our company's sticker slapped on.

Steering. This is important! Any budget lift out there that does not provide steering correction is incomplete. We provide a new Zlink which safely puts your steering system back into stock spec. Keeps the bumpsteer at bay.

Shocks. Pick your own. Many have run cheapo parts store shocks in a pinch with good results. They can run as little as $15.00 a shock. In a pinch, you can stick with your stock shocks for the short-term.

Bushings. Our kit includes polyurethane spring and shackle bushings. They'll last longer than factory rubber and will get rid of some of the sloppy handling you may be experiencing from beat up old bushings.


Other Samurai Lift Kit Considerations:

Brake lines. Keeping your Samurai lift kit at 3" will allow you to run stock length brake lines. You won't get enough articulation or height on this lift to put the brake lines in danger.

Shackles. There's nothing wrong with running your stock length shackles. Longer shackles soften the ride and increase wheel travel, but are not necessary for you to get your vehicle off road for some serious fun. You can add longer shackles at any time if you wish. 

Steering. Okay.... here is where we need to step in. Poor steering characteristics can be bad and really do need to be addressed. We include a Z-link with the 3" Samurai budget lifts.



Samurai Lift Kit  

Playing on the Rocker Knocker in Moab with our 3" springs, 2" shackles, and 2" body lift (for 33" tires). And no... the picture is not tilted.


Samurai Budget Lift Kit

Save over $50 with our budget lift over buying the components separately!

Components from the Rocky Road 4"er or other lifts can be added later when funds are more readily available to really turn your vehicle into a world-class performance machine! Start with a good foundation and build from there.... makes sense!



  Samurai Budget Lift Kit   





 Our Tonka Samurai playing with the 3" springs, (2" body lift) and 33" Swampers.
Photo courtesy of 4WD and Sport Utility Magazine.

Yes, this shot was clipped from a magazine.