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Samurai Transfer Case Mounts


Samurai Transfer Case Mounting Arms

samurai transfer case mountsAt Rocky Road, we've done enough highway driving and serious trail time with our Samurais to know what the weak points are on any Zuk. From that daily use and dedication comes the ingenuity and know-how to bring you parts like our Super-beef Samurai Transfer Case mounting system. This is it! Once again Rocky Road has brought you a completely new design and brought your vehicle's indestructibility to new heights.

Our custom built mount arm eliminates any possibility of twisting or damage at all. It is constructed from full 3/16" thick square tubing. The biggie though is that it mounts via a laser cut arm to the face of the transfer case too at the rear PTO mounting point. This eliminates all possibility of mounting holes 'egging' out in the soft aluminum housing (which they do), or cracking your transfer case housing (which happens) due to the extreme loads put on just the one mounting location. This also means a more responsive power transfer to your axle. Less slop in the system really tightens up your drivetrain's performance. Other Samurai transfer case mounting arms on the market that use the PTO takeoff just beef up a stock mounting arm. Not good enough! Those units are still light enough steel to allow twisting and bending in the most extreme usage.

samurai transfer case mountsDoes it hold well? With our triangulated T-case mounting system, no other mount on the planet holds better. Your T-case is firmly locked in place with no slop or play.

Our new arm does require the use of our poly mounting kit. With the combination of these two systems, you can rest assured that you will NEVER have to worry about your Samurai transfer case mounting system again. It won't tear under extreme torque, it won't bang into the bottom of your vehicle as happens when mounts blow, it won't leave you crawling under your vehicle in the middle of an otherwise fun-filled day of 4wheeling.... it will be one system on your vehicle you will never have to worry about again.

Now comes in a great looking black powdercoat finish.

You can find some fancier looking kits out there, which are a HUGE pain in the butt to install FYI. But nothing will offer stronger mounting or a faster, easier, and trouble-free installation than our HD mounting arm setup!

We also offer a complete MEGA-mounting system with the MEGA-mount long arm, poly mounting bushing kit, and the beefed up short arm.


Transfer Case MEGA-mount kits