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ARB Recovery Tow Straps, Tree Saver, Power Jack,
Snatch block, Winch accessories.

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Known for their quality air lockers, bull bars, and Old Man Emu suspensions, ARB also manufactures a number of other quality offroad and wilderness products. Below you 'll see a listing of these various parts and prices. If no picture is next to the product, the there is no photo currently available for the item.

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ARB Freezer, Fridge

ARB fridge freezers are the ideal way to keep your food and beverages chilled or frozen on your 4x4 adventures, regardless of ambient conditions. Not to be confused with less effective 12 volt "coolers", the ARB unit is a true refrigerator/freezer. Own one and you'll never again find your lunch water- logged by shifting ice, and there'll always be a cold drink on hand during the sweltering summer months. An optional Transit Bag is available to aid with insulation and protect your fridge from inevitable scrapes and dents.

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ARB Recovery KitARB Essentials Recovery Kit

ARB put together this recovery kit for the guy who that might need the essentials to recover a vehicle, but nothing that is not needed.

The ARB Essentials kit includes the following components:

ARB Essentials Recovery Kit - $332


ARB Snatch Block

A snatch block should be in the recovery gear bag of every winch equipped vehicle. The snatch blocks pulley design helps out on awkward angle pulls or it can be used to double your winch line back to the vehicle, doubling your winch's pulling capacity when you're truly bogged down. A must-have for any outback enthusiast with a winch.

Unlike some cheaper alternatives, ARB snatch blocks are guaranteed NOT to damage cable diameters between 6-12mm by eliminating the crushing effect caused by an improper designed pulley on a cable under load.

ARB Snatch Block - $103



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ARB Ultralight Snatch Block

Those that regularly head off the beaten track know how essential it is to be prepared for a recovery situation. A snatch block is an incredibly useful piece of recovery equipment that enables you to retrieve loads that are double a winch's capacity by reducing the load on the winch by half. To add to ARB's range of snatch blocks and recovery equipment, an innovative new snatch block for both off road and competition use has just been released.

Designed in Australia by ARB engineers, the Snatch Block 9000 features a revolutionary, computer optimized two-piece polymer pulley design for increased functionality and safety during recovery. Tested to withstand the extremes of off-road competition winching, the snatch block features rounded safety edges to protect against pinch points during recovery situations, and also allows for easy one-handed loading and unloading of the cable or rope. The working load encountered during winching also has a positive effect on the snatch block by causing the plates to press together for extra support.

The Ultralight snatch block features high strength, low density materials which reduce the total weight of the block by up to 50% over other comparable rated snatch blocks. The design includes self-righting plates to eliminate the need to correctly position the block while introducing cable tension, while the inner pulley is made from self lubricating crystalline polymer to enable operation under high loads without the need for lubrication.

ARB Snatch Block, Ultralight - $129




ARB Winch Straps.

When it comes to straps ARB has a selection to suit most applications.

A proper recovery strap is one of the most basic and essential piece of any recovery kit. You should always have at least one with you any time your 4x4 leaves the pavement.

ARB Winch Straps feature reinforced eyes to resist abrasion on the areas which see the most wear. They feature a genuine stretch of 20% which operates similar to a big rubber band, aiding the recovery with kinetic forces. It also contains an overload warning indicator which lets you know when the pulling capacity of your tow strap has been exceeded. This is by far the best and safest recovery strap on the market today.

ARB Winch Straps



ARB Tree Saver.

Tree protection straps are another absolute necessity for environementally responsible four wheeling, and should be a part of any recovery gear set. Wraping a winch cable or chain around a tree can dig into the bark, potentially and ultimately killing the tree. A better answer is the use of a tree protector. The 4" wide tree strap helps distribute the large forces of a vehicle recovery over a larger surface area, thereby reducing damage to the tree.

Like the ARB Snatch Strap, the ARB Tree Trunk Protector features reinforced, abrasion resistant eyes and load safety indicators, however, unlike the Snatch Strap, the Tree Trunk Protector does not have the 20% stretch. The ARB Tree Protector has a working load of 12,000 kg, enough to handle even the most difficult vehicle recovery.

ARB Tree Saver - $48




This exhaust operated jack is great for any terrain to help lift your vehicle for getting unstuck, or changing a tire. Works well in sand, mud, and uneven terrain. A unique item offered by ARB and as always, with ARB quality assurance.

The jack is inflated via a hose that connects to the vehicle's tailpipe. As soon as the vehicle's engine is started, the jack will start to inflate.

When developing this product, the design engineers recognized that conventional jacks were not suited to all types of terrain. In unstable areas of mud, sand and snow, the X-Jack offers a wider footprint to avoid sinking, and uses specially designed, triangular shaped feet to keep the unit firmly grounded. For ease and greater stability, the X-Jack is designed to be safely placed under the side of the body rather than positioned under an axle like a traditional jack.

With a triple layer top and hard core insert for added protection and stability, this jack incorporates a unique two way inflation system. This means that either the exhaust or a portable air compressor can be used, providing added control in determining the rate and extent of lift. Collapsing flat for convenient storage, the X-Jack is ideal for all off road trips.

Particularly well suited to use in sand, mud and snow, and with a lifting capacity of 8800lb, the exhaust operated X-Jack is an invaluable recovery tool, providing up to 31" of vehicle lift.

ARB vehicle X-Jack w/Compressor Adapter - $445






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