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Airflow Snorkel Kits



Airflow SnorkelA brief history of Snorkels

Snorkels have been in use for a long time on vehicles and craft. Before World War 1, they were used on tanks and later on submarines. After WW1 and the mechanization of agriculture, they were fitted on tractors and transport vehicles with the unique purpose to supply the engine with air free of water and contaminants. In more recent times, with the advent of leisure 4WD vehicles, snorkels are now mostly fitted to allow the crossing of rivers without causing damage to the engine. However, more benefits can be obtained from a well designed Snorkel. This is where the Airflow Cold Air Induction System (ACAIS) comes to the rescue.

ACAIS is much more than a fancy acronym! The ACAIS is designed to improve the fuel efficiency and power of your vehicle. These two goals may appear contradictory, but we have succeeded in combining them. In the process, we did not forget style; fitting like a glove, the Snorkel complements your vehicle. Once installed, your 4WD will be ready for new adventures and maybe some river crossings! Not all snorkel body designs in the big wide world produce a cold air induction effect. This effect improves fuel efficiency while improving also engine power. Airflow has been conducting airflow studies, friction loss assessments and performance testing in its laboratories for many years to achieve this effect.

Airflow Snorkel

Our AIRFLOW SNORKEL equipped vehicle deep in the swamp of the Four wheeler magazine Top Truck Challenge.... Tank Trap!!! Image is a copy of the Four Wheeler magazine waterproofing 'how to' guide, for which they contacted Rocky Road as known experts on Snorkel systems.


A combustion engine needs air and fuel to operate. The more air and oxygen flow into the intake manifold, the more efficient is the combustion. The ACAIS harvests fresh air at roof level where it is the least disturbed. This air contains less contaminant and is cooler than air absorbed from the engine bay. When the air is cooler, it contains more oxygen. Modern vehicles are fitted with engine management systems; these are computers which measure accurately in real-time all inputs available to the engine to improve its efficiency. Consequently, the availability of cooler air inflow results in more power and torque. Three main parts constitute an ACAIS: a 'hat' we call the 'Air Ram', a Snorkel tube we call the 'Body' and a performance air filter (not included). Contact us for more information about high performance filter options for your vehcle. The three parts are designed to complement each other in their efficiency.


Airflow Snorkel kits for 4x4 and 4WD vehicles...

The Air Ram
Air entering the Air Ram swirls violently, creating a cyclonic effect. The heaviest particles are ejected by the centrifugal force to the periphery of the swirl. There, they hit the vertical ribs where air pressure takes over to eject them out of the four slots at the base of the Air Ram. At this point, the air pressure pushes them out. The finer particles that are not ejected are removed by the vehicle air filter.

The Body
Now that the air is free of large particles, it starts travelling down the snorkel body in a straight line. The body may be of two types, induction or non-induction. In the induction case, the air slows down because it enters in a larger volume, the plenum chamber. The swirling created by the Air Ram diminishes, thus reducing friction losses. There, the air is buffered, immediately available for the air box at positive pressure. The engine management system can use it readily.

The Performance Filter
This is a replacement for the air filter which is not included in the Airflow snorkel kit. Contact Rocky Road for options regarding performance filter systems.


Airflow Snorkel kits can be seen below. Click on the price bar to view the excellent low Airflow prices. All kits are for Left Hand or Right Hand drive unless otherwise specified.

If you see your vehicle listed with a different engine type (but same vehicle), please email us for details as often these snorkels can be adapted to work with any size engine as long as the vehicle is the same. We do not have pictures of all vehicles and kits at this time, but you can scroll down the webpage to view some installed applications for those vehicles we do have pictures files of...


We also carry the Safari Snorkel line. If you don't see an Airflow Snorkel for your vehicle, check our Safari product line for additional snorkel kits




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Chevy Silverado snorkel

Dodge Ram / Power Wagon snorkel

Jeep snorkels

Kia Sorento snorkel

Mitsubishi Montero/Pajero snorkel

Nissan Xterra snorkel

Toyota snorkels

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Airflow Snorkel kits
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100 series Toyota Landcruiser Snorkel 

200 series Toyota Landcruiser Snorkel 


Toyota 4runner Snorkel  1989-97, Gas


Toyota 4runner Snorkel , 1989-97, Diesel


Toyota 4runner Snorkel 1990-96


Toyota HiLux Snorkel 2006 and up


70 series Landcruiser Snorkel, Diesel


70 series Landcruiser Snorkel, Gas 

80 Series Toyota Landcruiser Snorkel 


Toyota Hilux Snorkel  97-05, TD & EFI


Toyota HiLux Snorkel 1997-2005, RH 

Toyota HiLux Snorkel 1984-1988 

Toyota HiLux Snorkel 1990-97 

Toyota Hilux Snorkel 1999 & up, Diesel


Toyota Prado Snorkel  2003 up, Diesel


Toyota 76 Series Snorkel , 2008 and up 

Toyota Prado Snorkel 1996-02


chevy silverado snorkel
Snorkel on Chevy Silverado 1500


Dodge Ram Power Wagon Snorkel 


Ford Ranger Snorkel 1999 and up


Mitsubishi Triton Snorkel, 1999-05

Mitsubishi Triton Snorkel, Pre 1997


Mitsubishi Challenger Snorkel 


Mitsubishi Pajero/ MONTERO Snorkel 


Mitsubishi Triton Snorkel, 2005 and up


Jeep Cherokee Snorkel  4.0 engine


Jeep Cherokee Snorkel Diesel


Jeep Commander Snorkel Diesel 

Jeep Commander Snorkel Gas engine


Jeep JK Wrangler Snorkel, 2007 and up 

Jeep Liberty KJ Snorkel , 2002-07

WJ Grand Cherokee Snorkel , 99-04

grand cherokee wk2 snorkel

Grand Cherokee WK2 Snorkel 

Nissan Xterra Snorkel 

Kia Sorento Snorkel

Chevy Silverado or GMC SierraSnorkel 

Dodge Ram 2500 / Power Wagon