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samurai lift installation

The '4incher' Samurai Lift Kit



samurai lift kitPhoto courtesy of Four wheeler magazine. Our red Zuk with the 4"er
playing on the big rocks at the Dakota Territory Challenge.


The Rocky Road 4"er Samurai Lift Kit

What is it? Simply the best riding bolt-on lift kit on the market for your Samurai!

 What makes our kit so much farther superior than any other spring or shackle reversal lift?

First, we use the best riding Samurai springs available. We use these springs simply because they're the best built springs made in the United States. They are THE choice of springs for Jesse James' projects on his Discovery Channel show Monster Garage, simply because they are the very best in the US. Other packaged 'bolt-on' lift kits go with the lowest bidder when it comes to buying lifted springs and sticking them into a lift kit. They re-sticker those poorly built springs by spray painting their store's name on them. We choose these springs for their reputation, quality, excellence in the industry. They are also the spring of choice for off-road racers, or for high dollar rigs with custom built springs. Rocky Road brings you the ultimate quality and performance of specially designed lifted Samurai springs. We have run these 3" springs for many years on our Suzukis and absolutely swear by them. You'll find many other bolton lift kits stick you with springs which they say are good quality, but which either ride very stiff or flatten out within the first year. THE bottom line.... we don't buy the cheapest springs and slap our name on it.

Second, articulation is as important to us as a smooth ride, so we don't stick you with wheel travel limiting, short shocks. Other bolton lift kits and shackle reversals do nothing to modify the shock mounting system on a Samurai. Our kit includes longer shock mounts for THE ONLY BOLT-ON Samurai lift kit on samurai lift kitthe market that substantially can increase wheel travel through longer travel shocks. Even expensive shackle reversal kits cannot come close to matching our wheel travel due to the simple fact that their shocks limit wheel travel, ours do not. The Rocky Road 4"er Samurai lift kit gives you THE longest travel shock available in any bolton kit, by using our modified taller shock mounts. No welding required.

One of our Samurais entering the 97 Four Wheeler magazine Top Truck Challenge..... and sporting the 3" springs.

Every other 4", or 5" bolton lift on the market either does nothing to address steering linkage problems, or stops at a simple 3" pitman arm. What this means to you is compromised handling and bumpsteer if your lift is over 3". We build our own custom "Zlink" steering linkage and include it with every kit to correct your steering for the full lift height! Along the same lines, we add steel castor shims to make sure your steering stays nice and tight at top speeds on the highway .

Also in the kit are DOT approved rubber brake lines. We won't even sell stainless steel brake lines because their durability is questionable and lifespan so much less than rubber. Stainless lines cost about 1/2 as much as rubber lines do, but its worth it to us to only go with the best. Stainless lines are only about 3" longer than stock. Not enough in our book if you're going over 3" in lift. We've even heard several accounts of the short stainless lines snapping on the trail which were supplied with expensive shackle reversal kits. Quite a dangerous situation which our long rubber lines avoid. Don't mess around with safety, make sure your kit has DOT approved rubber lines!

Soft shocks. We sought out the best balanced yet price conscious Rocky Road engineered long-travel shocks for Samurais. They perfectly compliment the light weight of the Zuk and the soft ride of the new Samurai springs. We have designed these shocks to work perfectly with the light weight of the Suzuki. They truly are the top of the line in the offroad industry for Suzukis and you'll be thoroughly pleased with the quality and comfort of your 4"er ride.

We do also have Rancho 9000 Adjustable shocks as an optional upgrade to this system. Popular with many people since they can be fine tune adjustable or modified depending on your 4wheeling and highway comfort needs.

samurai lift kitGreaseable shackle bushings. Why greaseable setups over any other poly? Because having greaseable shackles makes your suspension slippery. And a slippery suspension is a smooth traveling and riding suspension. Includes new greaseable shackle bolts and fluted bushings. Provides a far better quality ride than over-priced, over-hyped, shackle reverse kits.

And..... well, the reasons just go on and on......

Rocky Road 4"suspension on our 33" Thornbird shod Samurai coming through the 'Extreme' rated obstacle, Guardian. Las Cruces, NM. Photo Courtesy of Four Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine. A 2" body lift on top of the 4"er provides clearance for these 33" tires.


Samurai 4" lift better than the competition?

Some might ask why would the 4"er be better than the latest passing fad.... the shackle reverse??? There are several reasons. Clearance is one. You install a lift to increase clearance on your vehicle. Shackle reverse towers (some folks call them "fangs") hang down and dramatically reduce approach angles. Also, with the shackle trailing in back as with S/R kits, they poke down several inches below the original spring perches and really reduce under frame clearance. 31" tires do not fit on S/R kits without severe rubbing and tire damage. Further, there is the issue of stability. 'Brake dive' is a common problem with shackle reversal in emergency braking which does not occur in non-Shackle Reversed lifts. This is why the manufacturer put the shackles on the front of your vehicle to begin with. If all it took for a smooth ride was to put the shackles in back, Suzuki would have made them this way from the factory (not to mention Jeep with the Wrangler, and Toyota with the Landcruiser). There is a reason the shackles are up front, and it is samurai lift kita safety and stability issue.

Another concern, legality. In places throughout North America and around the world, it is illegal to change the configuration of your suspension as with the shackle reversal lifts. Retailers of shackle reverse systems won't tell you they're selling an illegal suspension, or may flat out deny it. Ultimately, you are responsible for what goes on your rig. The 4"er lifts your vehicle, yet keeps the configuration in stock form with the shackles up front to comply with applicable regulations. Again, its a safety issue, the 4"er is legal, shackle reverse kits may not be.

Finally, your 4"er will give as good or a better ride as any shackle reverse kit on the market. This is due to the top quality springs we use and the super plush Rocky Road engineered shock. AND, the 4"er will give you better articulation by simple virtue of repositioned shock mounts for long travel shocks. Kit should fit most 31" tires, check fitment before tire purchase though. OME springs may only fit up to 30" tires.


4"er Samurai Lift Kit Contents

The Rocky Road 4"er includes the following items for the most comprehensive lift kit on the market today for Samurai:

3" lift springs
Rocky Road Heavy Duty 2" shackles
*4" Rocky Road Z-link dropped steering linkage
Upper Rear shock mount
Upper front shock mounts
Extended length brake lines
Greaseable shackle bushing kits
Poly bushing set for fixed spring hangers
long-travel soft valved shocks


This kit can be purchased in bits and pieces, or as a whole. Save over $200 by buying the kit as a whole.

If you have any questions on this or other suspension lifts, please give us a call at our toll free line 888-801-7271 or email us   

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4 inch Samurai lift kit
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