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jeep cherokee installation

2022+ Jeep Grand Cherokee (WL) Offroad Parts & Accessories

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WANTED: Your new 2022 Grand Cherokee!! 

 2022 Grand Cherokee lift kit
2022 Grand Cherokee Stealth Racks
2022 Grand Cheroke R
ock slider and Step kits
2022 Grand Cherokee Bumpers and winch mount systems

Rocky Road has always been 'the first' when it comes to manufacturing new products for any new Jeep vehicle.
Other companies always 'follow' by copying our designs, but Rocky Road is the leader for design and innovation!

We are looking for 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokees to help design new lift systems, rock slider kits, skidplate systems, low profile stealth rack systems, and bumper systems including winch mounting. If you are the owner of a new 2022 WL Grand Cherokee and would like to receive this type of new equipment installed, at no cost, on your Jeep, please contact us! We do need to have the vehicle in our shop for the design work and installation.

Please email us for more information on our Design/Build program... which essentially means free upgrades to your new vehicle.
We are located in Utah, though we have had vehicles from out of state owners participate in our design programs previously.