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CJ to YJ Spring Conversion (1976-86 CJ)

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YJ spring conversionFlex and ride comfort... As offroaders, we just can't get enough of this stuff. What to do... what to do.

Easy answer? Swap out those stiff front springs on your Jeep CJ to some nice soft YJ Wrangler springs. No doubt you've read about this swap somewhere thru the years, our new kit gives you an easy way to bolt on more articulation with out any adverse effects at all.

Shot shows our Scambler with SOA kit and our Wrangler spring conversion. These are 35" tires and the flex is insane! Still drives nice and stable at highway speeds. Click on the pic for a larger view.

You want SICK flex and EXCELLENT ride quality.... chuck those old CJ springs and pick up our Wrangler spring conversion system. Your CJ will ride like a modern SUV and flex like a competition rock buggy. We also carry brand spankin new Wrangler springs for those who want factory fresh instead of used (although used Wrangler springs if you find them will work well too) and Old Man Emu Wrangler springs for those that want the best riding lifted Wrangler spring on the planet!

yj spring conversionBeyond flex though, ride quality is dramatically improved with the Wrangler spring conversion. Stock springs can and oftimes do ride a bit like an old military pickup truck. Wrangler springs though, they will make your old Jeep ride like a modern SUV.

Some folks have asked us about shackle reverse kits when converting to the Wrangler springs....

We did used to carry such a system. However, we found that Jeep (along with Toyota and other vehicle manufacturers) put the shackles in the front in short-wheelbase 4WD's for a reason.... SAFETY.

Running shackles in the rear on a short-wheelbase vehicle like a Jeep CJ makes the vehicle highly unstable under hard braking (which is usually when you need your brakes the most). Further, shackles reversals on the CJ create axle hop under braking. After seeing a Jeep coming off of Lion's Back in Moab with his front axle hopping and a resultant total loss of control, we swore off shackle reversals forever.

Putting the shackles in the rear may seem like a cool way to go and you may read about smoother ride quality, but the bottom-line is that the vehicle becomes unstable and the ride quality of just using Wrangler springs alone with the shackles up front as they should be is as much comfort as any Jeeper could ever ask for.

cj with Wrangler springsSO in a nutshell, the Rocky Road Wrangler spring conversion kit is super simple to install, comes with bushings (most of these conversion kits do not), and is a greaseable suspension item. Comes with hardware and the same kit works for all CJ 5's, CJ6's, CJ7's, and CJ8's.

Rocky Road also sells Wrangler springs, both stock and Old Man Emu lifted, to work on your CJ after the conversion.

This is so no-brainer... why wouldn't you get one!?!? 

Joshua Wilson sent us this picture by Facebook showing off his awesome new suspension flex by combining the Rocky Road Spring Over Axle lift, with a nice new set of Wrangler springs. This is all bolt-on, highway safe... and legal!

Click for larger image. 


For those who want to perform a more complete suspension upgrade while you have everything apart. We also suggest you check out our rear upper shackle hanger kits which you can view by clicking

For those who are keeping the springs under the axle and want to upgrade their rear Ubolt plates, check out our Heavy Duty Ubolt Skidplate kits


Kit below for use "with our SOA" system does not include necessary wider Ubolt plates as these are provided with our SOA system.
Kit below that is listed "with any other SOA" kit will come with the necessary wider front Ubolts plates.
Kit below that is listed "for spring under" kit will come with the necessary wider front Ubolts plates.



YJ Wrangler Conversion Kits, 1976+ Select rate Click to add to cart
For use with a Rocky Road SOA kit
(no Ubolt plates)
For use with any other SOA conversion
(comes with front Ubolt top plates)
For any spring under setup
(comes with Heavy Duty front Ubolt skidplates)
Optional Ubolts, Bushings & Skidplates
Stock height and Old Man Emu 2.5" lift Wrangler springs
(single spring)



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