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 Jeep YJ SOA (Spring Over Axle) Lift Kits,
1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler



yj soaThe Rocky Road 6.5" Bolt-on YJ SOA

Why a Spring Over Axle lift?

Because there is no better system on the market in terms of suspension flex and cost balance.

You can spend thousands on a coil-over conversion setup, but they won't get any more flex than your SOA equipped Wrangler.... not to mention the thousand or so you'll spend on the specialized installation required for those kits.

Our system is also bolton and requires no cutting. It is completely reversible if you have need to go back to stock, or transferable if you want to move it from one Wrangler to another. Try and do that with one of those super involved coilover weldon systems. For those who just love to weld though, our bolton system can be welded in place as well.

While even the most seasoned wheeler will enjoy the benefits of our SOA system, its installation is certainly novice friendly. Never wrenched a Jeep before? Here's your chance to get started. Our system makes it so easy that you can begin installation in the morning and be wheeling by that afternoon!

yj soaThe SOA kit alone will easily fit any 33" tire. Add in our optional shackles and you can fit some 35" tires. A 1" body lift on top of that and you'll pretty much fit all 35" tires..... all bolton, all tight-wad budget friendly.

SOA lifts simply offer the best articulation of any leaf-spring lift on the market due to the extra leverage which deflects the spring packs and provides for more twist. Its a great way to go and in fact, Toyota pickups, Jeep Cherokees, and most 4WD pickups come with their springs SOA from the factory!

We know you will find our kit extremely well thought out, incredibly beefy, designed for serious offroading, and the demands it puts upon a vehicle. Our system also includes components that our competition's kits neglect to include that make this a safe system for driving on the highway as well.

yj soaLook how much funs she's having in his Rocky Road lifted Jeep. You too can be THAT GUY, but only with an SOA system from Rocky Road Outfitters :^)
Hell's Revenge trail, Moab Utah.
Click for larger view.

How does the Rocky Road SOA lift stacks up against other suspension lift systems that only use lifted leaf springs???
Extremely well. There are a couple reasons why.

Clearance... You install a lift to increase clearance on your vehicle. Lifted spring kits do move the vehicle up, but they also leave alot of junk under your axles which reduces clearance. Our SOA system only sits about 1" below the axle housing. Typical lifted spring kits with the springs under the axles will hang down about 2.5". That one and a half inches may not sound like much, but its more clearance difference than you'll see between running 33" or 35" tires! Bottom line, SOA lifts put everything above the axle for max clearance!

Flex... Most offroaders today want the maximum flex they can acheive, while not making the vehicle unstable for highway driving. An SOA is a great way to accomplish this balancing act. The extra leverage by placing spring on tops of the axles gets you the same kind of flex as extreme coilover or 1/4 elliptic systems. Main difference is that you can still drive your Wrangler safely at 75MPH on the highway, and those extreme guys cannot. With our kit you can drive your rig to Moab, Rubicon, Tellico, or your local playground safely, conquer all the hardest trails with MAD flex, then drive the same rig to work the next day.



The Rocky Road YJ SOA Kit is the Most Complete on the Market

Click on the images for larger views.
yj soa

Shows rear front driver's mounting and our lower shock mount kit.

yj soa

Shows our parking brake cable relocation kit.

yj soa

Shows passenger's mount, lower U-bolt skidplate, and OTT steering system.

Looking at other bolton Spring Over Axle kits on the market? Let us explain why our kit is so far superior and what the other kits are missing that is required for a safe and proper installation.... and yes, our kit does cost less even though we provide twice the equipment!

Start with our spring perches (Patent Pending). They are custom built and designed to slip over your front and rear and onto the factory spring pads to make the mounting system extremely tough and durable. We put alot of energy into engineering and fabricating these pads to insure your axle housing does not suffer damage in the harshest trail conditions. Our spring pads are also fully gusseted, BY FAR the strongest, and easily the safest on the market for you, your passengers, and your Wrangler. They self-align for proper castor setup every single time. They do NOT require welding (as other saddle style spring pads require) and are very easy for the novice to install. Our perches provide 6.5" of lift. ANother great design feature is their extended length to combat spring wrap. No other spring pad on the market does this. We also provide all necessary hardware and Ubolts to mount the spring perches. Our spring perches are built extra long to help combat spring wrap! You won't find any other system on the market that has this degree of engineering on these spring pads.

Long travel shock mounts. Designed to provide the needed clearance from your shocks to the springs to avoid damage, but also a great way to provide ample room for long super flexy shocks.

 Ubolt skidplates. While these are not necessarily mandatory for any lift, we sure feel they serve their purpose. Our custom built spring plates provide rock and trail damage protection thru a unique slide plate protection system. A simple idea which really goes the extra engineering mile.

To properly correct steering angles, we offer two options our inexpensive drop pitman steering arm, or our unbeatable High Steer OTT steering system. Other kits? They provide nothing. Lifting a vehicle stretches out steering geometry and causes some peculiar things to happen. Your steering becomes cockeyed, linkage hits springs, etc. Our kits put things back into shape. They are set up to align your steering linkage with the factory panhard to help prevent bumpsteer on the highway. An SOA lift without steering correction is just plain dangerous. Rocky Road has you covered.

Panhard/Track bar. Your Jeep has them. Other kits DO NOT address them. The Panhard bar is the tube that runs parallel with your front axle and mount to the frame. It helps keep your front axle centered for safe driving and proper alignment. Without correction to this bar, your axle will sit sideways/cockeyed roughly 2". Not sure why our competition doesn't cover this, but we do. Our kits come with bolton panhard relocation bracketry for your front axle. They position your bar back to a flat position and in the proper left-to-right orientation so that your vehicle handles well on the highway, and doesn't drive sideways with axles all out of position.

Taller lifts necessitate longer brake lines. You don't even want to take the chance of snapping a line on the trail, so longer brake lines front and rear are very important. Do the other kits include them? No. Even the most novice of 4wheelers can understand how dangerous this is. We've used many combinations and brands of brake lines over the years and have experienced the best overall result with rubber brake lines. So in our kits, we offer only extended DOT approved rubber brake lines. No vehicle inspector will even red-flag your brake lines with our system as can happen with the relatively unreliable stainless lines. 

Speaking of brake lines... Any lift over about 4" requires modification to the parking brake system. Our competitors kits? They do nothing. We provide new brake lines front and rear. As well, our simple parking brake add on allows you to retain a properly functioning parking brake on your Wrangler. Without this, you have to disconnect your parking brake.

Sway bar mounts. Whoops... another item our competition forgot to include. Our system includes mounts to use the factory sway bar links if you like. Or we also have our optional sway bar disconnects available for those who really like to get flexy on the trail.




Individual Kit Component:              Rocky Road YJ SOA kit  Competition 
Front and rear bolton anti-wrap spring pads
Bolton Long Travel shock mounts
Ubolt skidplates
Front Extended Brake Lines
Rear Brake Line Extension
Parking Brake Extension
Front Panhard Riser kit
Steering system
Ubolts and hardware packs
Easy to follow installation instructions


Optional YJ SOA Kit Items


Optional RRO Long Travel shocks
Optional Rocky Rancho 9X Adjustable long shocks
Optional 2" shackles (for add'l  1" of lift height)
Optional 1" body lift
Optional 1" transfer case drop
Optional Swaybar quick Disconnects

YJ SOA Kit Components:

yj soaOTT Steering system upgrade. This awesome high steer setup is designed specifically for SOA use. Excellent for use with stock springs, or lifted springs. In fact, if you have lifted springs, you really NEED to consider this optional setup. Even with stock springs though, this steering setup replaces the drop pitman arm and makes your handling feel factory tight... even with all that lift. Kit also includes the panhard relocation system. Click on the picture to the right for more information and pictures on our OTT Jeep steering system.

Heavy Duty lift shackles. These 2" shackles provide an extra 1" of suspension lift for a full 7.5" lift all together. 3 bolt design for the ultimate in flexy design for articulation junkees. Add these to your SOA lift and you can fit some 35" tires. Combine with our 1" body lift as well, and you will fit all 35" tires. For more information, click on the picture... then come right back and finish ordering your lift. 

Stock height replacement leaf springs. For those of you who are currently running lift springs that ride like a WWII military pickup truck (yah, there's lots of those types of springs out there) who want to get rid of them, we carry stock height factory replacement springs. You can change out your springs to a nice soft riding suspension again, get all the lift with our SOA kit.... and pass those rough riders on to some sucker on Ebay (maybe even pay for your new replacement springs at the same time!).

Rocky Road soft-ride long travel shocks. We feel we have designed the best riding shock we have found on the market today for moderate weight vehicles like our Jeeps. Other shocks are designed for vehicles thousands of lbs heavier (namely, pickup trucks), our engineered shocks are right on the money for a Jeep. Superbly valved for a great ride on road without being mushy offroad. Shocks are $155 for all four with the purchase of a kit, or $46 each if purchased on their own.... OR, the ever-popular Rancho 9000XL Adjustable shocks which allow you to adjust and dial in your shocks for your favorite setting, or change it up depending on the driving and terrain you hit for the day.

Transfer case drop kit. This kit can help ease the angles on your driveshafts. On some Jeeps this MAY work to correct your drivetrain issues for a tall lift such as the SOA, on some Jeeps, it will not. Please understand we are not stating that this system is a guaranteed fix for your Jeep, but for some folks it can do the job. What we specifically recommend:
Slip Yoke Eliminator (SYE)/ Tailshaft transfer case conversion may be required for Jeep NP231 transfer case
         Rear CV type drive shaft may be required with any lift at or over 4" for the Wrangler
         Front driveshaft may need to be lengthened

The bottom line is that no other YJ SOA system on the market comes close to the Rocky Road system for ease of installation, warranty, engineering, and quality. Do it right the first time with Rocky Road. More pictures and installation information coming soon!

Please Note: This is a bolton kit with the rear pinion set at a neutral position. Depending on if you have, or do not have a Slip Yoke Eliminator, whether you use stock springs, or lifted springs, use a tcase drop, or not use a tcase drop... the rear pinion may require some fine tuning for vibration free performance on the highway. We recommend to use axle shims if this is needed and NOT try to do any cutting from the spring perches themselves. One size cannot fit all, but we put it as close as possible for how most Jeeps are set up.



Rocky Road YJ SOA Suspensions Select kit/options Click to add to cart
Deluxe Bolton YJ SOA systems
New Wrangler springs (stock height,
sold individually)
Optional lift items
Rancho 9000 Series shock upgrade
Do it Yourself (only axle mounting)



Rancho Upgrade. To receive the Rancho shocks, you MUST choose a lift kit that contains shocks form the upper list. THEN you click the "Rancho 9000XL Upgrade" button to change those regular long travel shocks into the Rancho Adjustable shocks. If you do not choose a base kit with shocks, and you do choose the Rancho upgrade, your order will be adjusted appropriately to reflect the base model lift kit with shocks. Questions? Please ask.

 For those looking to have a more "Do It Yourself system", we can supply only our axle mount system. This includes our bolton anti-wrap spring perches, our Ubolts skidplates, and the necessary hardware. These are integrated systems so the spring perches alone will not function properly. You do need the full mounting kit. 



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