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Jeep Grand Cherokee Front Skid Plate - Prerunner style

Fits 2011 and newer Grand Cherokee WK2


Grand Cherokee skid plate

Jeep Grand Cherokee Front Skid Plate, 2011+

Jeep commercials show these vehicles bouncing down a rocky trail with cool slow-mo footage. Only problem, if you look underneath your Jeep you'll see a whole lotta stuff waiting to be smashed up. Of course the Jeep dealerships want you banging into rocks. That means they get to fix all sorts of things which certainly will not be covered by warranty.

Picture shows our Front Prerunner skid plate kit on a Grand Cherokee also equipped with the Rocky Road Brush Bar, suspension kit, Rockrails, and Adventure Rack system.

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Rocky Road is well known as THE supplier of parts for your Grand Cherokee and happy to have another additiona to our armor plating system on your Jeep. If you haven't checked out our main uncarriage skid plate packages, you really need to do this by clicking

As a result of customers asking us for more some steel coverage on their front end, we now introduce the Prerunner style front skid plate kit. This kit provides a nice front bashplate for those who truly do take their Jeeps offroad. Installation of this kit does require removal of the front lower plastic fascia. Some will like this look and the extra protection, some may not like the look. In either case, it really is something Jeep should have included from the factory for a true offroad vehicle.

Grand Cherokee skid platePLEASE NOTE: Installation of this kit requires our front winch mount kit. A skid plate needs something solid to bolt to and our Winch kit provides this. Otherwise you just have plastic and styrofoam up front with the factory configuration. A winch is not required to install the winch mount kit, but like our various bumper kits for this Jeep, you do need to have the Winch Mount to install this skid plate. More information on that kit can be found


Picture at right shows the Front Prerunner skid plate underside. Notice the free and easy access
to the Tow Hooks, and protective front Top Bar which is a part of the skid plate.

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All Rocky Road skid plates are built from heavy gauge steel and 100% completely bolton.

Grand Cherokee Skid Plates and Rock sliders

Don't forget your Rock sliders too. The area under your doors is THE area most prone to damage on the entire Jeep. We get lots of calls from people who have already smashed up their running boards on all sorts of vehicles... don't be one of 'those guys'. Protect yourself with this crucial piece of armor-plating by clicking



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Prerunner Style Grand Cherokee Skid Plate

 *If you have an ACC equipped Jeep (Adaptive Cruise Control), this sensor must be removed when using the new skidplate. Your owner’s manual recommends removing this anyway when you take your Jeep offroad.


 The world has discovered that Rocky Road parts are the absolute best on the planet. As a result of the somewhat overwhelming demand at this time for our kits, there can sometimes be a few weeks turnaround time. Please bear with us and understand sometimes the best things in life take just a little longer