Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ(1999-2004) Cut-Out Fender Flares



For years WJ Grand Cherokee owners have been looking to fit oversized tires to their Jeeps. The problem is that once you go over 3.5" of lift, you have to spend thousands over and above the price of the lift kit for high steer modification and drivetrain customization to make your Jeep driveable at Hghway speeds. No longer...

Rocky Road has a solution for you.... Cut Out fender flares.

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Now you can run 33's easily and with no rubbing while using our simple 3.5" suspension system. Or for those who may have already invested in a 4.5-5" lift, you can easily fit 35's now as shown on the Jeep to the left. Get oversized tires on your Jeep saving literally thousands of dollars in upgrades you never even knew had to be done. And... help keep your Center of Gravity as low as possible at the same time!

No need for sky high lifts! These fender flare kits do require sheet metal cutting for the additional clearance, but you cover your cut wounds with these awesome looking fender flares.

Not only do you get the clearance you need, you also make your Grand street legal since the Cut Out fender flares extend about 2.25" additional from the vehicle's stock fenders.

Flare kits come unpainted. They are gel coated, ready for primer and paint. You can have a paint shop match them to your vehicle paint as shown in the pictures on our webpage, or just rattle-can paint them in any color you wish. Flare kits also come with all mounting hardware and installation instructions. These awesome looking flares will make your vehicle not only look great but will increase it's performance also.

Pictured with 4.5" of lift and 35" tires.
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These kits are heavy duty fiberglass. How strong is fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a super strong material that can take a beating! The product is more and more used in rock crawling and for suspension springs. The flares have been duly tested by hitting, bumping, and scraping on rocks and have only taken off the paint. Fiberglass is favored over metal in many offroading and competition application because of the lightweight and its durability. Metal dents, heavy duty fiberglass pushes back. Fiberglass has bend and flex unlike steel.

One great thing about these fiberglass flares is that if somehow you do manage to cracks it, the flare is easily repairable. 

Another great view of these kits to the left. Factory look with great increase in fender size opening and 2" more coverage in width.

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Also available for the ZJ Grand (models thru 1998). For more information on these, please click

While not exactly identical to a ZJ, You can get a good idea on what is involved in the installation for your WJ by looking at our ZJ installation review. For the pictoral review on the installation to a ZJ, click