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Camber alignment bolts Nissan Titan,
Frontier, Xterra, Pathfinder, Armada 


Rocky Road Nissan Titan Alignment bolts.

Any time you modify a vehicle's suspension, you MUST have a front end alignment. Doesn't matter what kit you use, what vehicle you have, a front end alignment is essential to safety, fuel economy, and tire wear.

The titan has a fixed bolt from the factory, but our kit allows your alignment shop to perform a proper full point alignment on your truck. No longer are you limited to only 'Toe' adjustment, now camber and castor can be properly set as well.

Our alignment bolts work excellent for stock, or any height lift. Some lifts may require two sets of the bolts for 100% factory spec alignment, but we recommend 2 sets for any Nissan Titan regardless.



Alignment Bolt kits