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2.5" Sidekick, Vitara, Grand Vitara, XL7
and Geo Tracker Lift Systems



tracker lift

2.5" Sidekick/Tracker Premium Lift Components

Contains all the suspension components of our best-selling Rock Steady lift, just remove the body lift from the package.

This is pure lift, no drop brackets, no unnecessary arms or other things to goof up your vehicle's handling, no reduction of clearance as with other lift kits. Easy to install, no unnecessary bracketry, just the best quality suspension parts your money can buy. And best of all, any alignment shop can easily put this lift right to factory spec with the proper camber bolts.

tracker liftWorks for newer Canadian built Sidekicks and the usual Sidekick, Tracker, Vitara armada. It is also the only system on the market to work with Sidekick SPORT models. Our system does not reduce clearance with A-arm lowering kits, or bogg down your installation with brackets and spacers that are 100% unnecessary to get factory spec on camber and alignment. Instead, you enjoy the full benefit of your suspension system with maximum suspension clearance, simplicity, and offroadability. Any alignment shop can use camber bolts or a number of other items with our system to put you right back to factory spec!

Click the picture for larger XL-7 view.

You also get better flex from our system since the CALifornia based suspensions are using STOCK struts with spacer brackets stuck on top, then give it some sort of superdee-duperdee articulating name. With stock length struts and spacers? Who are they kidding! No wonder there are so many pieces stuck in those stiff-riding kits!

The Rocksteady system also comes with springs available in a variety of spring rates. Think you're going to get a smooth ride in your softop 2door if the springs have been designed to hold up to the weight of a full hardtop 4door? Think again! Planning on adding a winch bumper up front? A larger spare tire in the rear? If you're considering a kit where "one size fits all" you're simply not getting the best ride you can for your vehicle.

The main thing that sets our kit apart from our competition though is the ride quality and Old Man Emu equipment... the undisputed best quality suspension manufacturer on the planet for any vehicle. We get plenty of customers who also purchase our kit after having already spent money on our competition's lift. One customer even titled his CALifornia lift purchase as "my-big-fat-suspension-mistake". Don't you make the mistake of being sucked into the mistake of buying a poor riding suspension, stick with Old Man Emu, stick with Rocky Road, you will have the very best riding and durable suspension on the planer for your rig

This kit also works on Vitaras, 99+ Trackers, and the XL7.

One of our favorite Customer photos.

Bill Sellers was sick of a stiff and crummy ride from a competitor's well known suspension lift and upgraded to the Rocky Road system. In removing the the suspension lift he called "poorly engineered", he took this photo and sent to us. Fairly self-explanatory. Notice the 2 outer struts... identical in length.

The one strut that is obviously engineered for a lift kit (not just a re-badged stock replacement), for enhanced suspension flex, a couple inches longer than the other two, our OME strut in the middle.

Do NOT fall for the 'fake news' of "long travel" struts from the competition, the ONLY full length lifted strut on the market is OME.


What You Get with the Premium Sidekick/Tracker Lift:

OME springs, by far the best riding on the planet for your vehicle. Forget those stiff California one-size-fits-all springs! We have various spring rates available to really suit your vehicle's needs.

Old Man Emu struts. These are not generic Re-Stickered "long travel" struts as with other kits which are packaged with OME springs.
OME designs and manufactures each strut unit specifically for your vehicle, and for their springs. The strut is tuned for the weight of your vehicle, handling characteristics, and your articulation needs for a lifted vehicle. NO OTHER COMPANY does this.
Notice also that some other kits use a spacer for their struts.... this is BECAUSE THEY'RE TOO SHORT and as a result WILL limit wheel travel! One competitor's kit uses a STOCK strut in their "big articulation" lift kit. Bottom line, stock struts equal stock wheel travel and no improvement in ride quality. The OME struts are designed perfectly for on & offroading at this lift height. And DO NOT go with an OME kit and some bogus clain of a "long travel" strut.
The ONLY reason our competitors don't sell OME struts with those OME spring kits... for them to make money. NOT for you to have the best possible suspension OME is the best, no one can legitimately dispute this.

Rear Rocky Road Long Travel shocks for the smoothest riding shocks you can install on your vehicle.

Coil spacers front and rear for a 2.5" lift.



Premium Rocky Road Suzuki & Geo lift systems


 In addition, the XL7 kit also comes with a new rear track bar. We provide an ADJUSTABLE rear track bar for proper rear axle location. Other kits contain either nothing, or a fixed position track bar that has been known to cause mis-alignment with the rear axle


Click on the picture for a link to the ZUKIWORLD suspension installation.