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Samurai Soft Top


  Samurai Soft Top

Samurai Bikini Top

Let the outside in! Slim-Shady bikini top, the 'coolest' soft top for your Samurai.

Every bikini top should block the sun's harsh rays, but there's no need for you to feel boxed in while you're wearing your bikini. Samurai Soft Top

The Slim-Shady lets you look up and see the sky while on....
Let's the air flow thru for great ventilation....
Bottom line, this top really puts fun back into your ride while keeping the sun at bay.

Easy to install and requires no modification to your vehicle, just snaps and straps right on. Bikini tops are also available in solid vinyl, and very cool looking tough Cordura materials as well.





Samurai Soft Top

Full Samurai Soft top

Not only do we offer the unique Slim Shady mesh and regular style bikini tops, we also carry the time-tested Samurai soft top made by Bestop.

Many soft top manufacturers have come and gone into the Samurai world, but Bestop has stayed due to a reputation for excellence in fit and durability.

The Bestop Samurai soft tops are available in white and black and use original factory mounting hardware. No drilling, cutting, or other modification necessary to fit the Bestop line.

Samurai soft tops are available in the regular full factory style as pictured left, or as a 'Fastback' style top as well. The Fastback model slants down right behind the factory roll bar and slopes right down to the tailgate. So it is not recommended for use if you have and use a rear backseat.

This is a true factory grade replacement with a good upgrade in quality and protection from the outside environment. The ideal replacement for your tired old factory Suzuki soft top. 



Samurai Soft Top

Samurai Safari Soft Top

Don't miss out on one of the best soft top designs of all time... the Safari top!

Click the picture at left for a larger view.

For years we've had people asking about these tops since Kayline used to make this style back in the day. Kayline is no longer in business though and so the Safari style top seemed lost forever. But no longer! Rocky Road now has it available for your Zuk.

This Samurai soft top is the ideal, awesome summer top. It offers you and your passenger's and/or cargo a shady respite from the sun, but you still have that open-air breezy feeling which is why we all love our Zuks. Easy to install and uses the factory mounting hardware. This is one Samurai soft top you will never grow tired of and is a Must-Have in your equipment arsenal if you enjoy driving your Suzuki at all in the Summer!Samurai Soft Top

The Safari style tops are also available in Marine/Army jungle camouflage as pictured at right.





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