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Suzuki Samurai OME (Old Man Emu)


samurai ome
View more detailed engineering info on OME by clicking on the spring pictured above.
samurai ome
Click on the shock picture for great engineering information on the Old Man Emu shocks.

Why Use OME on Your Samurai?

Old Man Emu suspension components are perfect for those who want ride quality over 'show' quality.

With Old Man Emu, your ride quality and handling improves immensely over stock... and the ride will turn you off from lessor springs sold by more well-known companies with huge advertising budgets or cheap stiff springs from the moment you try them. OME suspensions are widely regarded as the best engineered suspension on the market for any vehicle. Not necessarily the best choice for those looking to go extreme with super size tires and huge lifts. The OME system is a sensible lift height designed for maximum highway stability and excellent offroadability.

Among the many great benefits of the OME suspensions, the spring rate is tailored to your vehicle and taste. One spring does not fit all, and OME understands this. This is why there is a choice of springs for guys running heavy accessories, or nothing at all. OME also builds their shocks specific to each vehicle. Its not a shock designed for a full size pickup truck that cross-references to your vehicle as well. It is built for the specific weight and suspension geometry of your vehicle for a comfortable ride on and offroad.

samurai omeSamurai OME springs can fit up to 30" tires (some 30's may require a little body seam and/or bumper mount tweaking). The OME Samurai springs run at about a 2" lift on the front and a 2.5" lift for the rear.

Tom Reed sent this photo of his OME lifted Samurai.
Click the image for a larger view.


For a better view of the Rocky Road Samurai with the OME suspension installed from a few different angles.... to get a good idea of what your Zuk would look like, please click

PLEASE NOTE: Other OME dealers sometimes will sell their "Old Man Emu kits" with low-grade replacement shocks... not Old Man Emu shocks. And with cheap bushing kits... not Old Man Emu bushings. If you do see a kit with lower prices than Rocky Road, beware. You are not purchasing genuine OME components, they are substituting cheap components to present a lower price. Please, do not be fooled.


We will always be commited to bringing you the best products and service. Find out why Rocky Road Outfitters is a leader in ARB sales throughout the world. Please call or email us for the Rocky Road Pricing Policy regarding any ARB or OME products.



If you find a lower price on Old Man Emu components, we won't just meet it...we'll beat it!

Samurai OME Suspension Components Select rate Click to add to cart
Front Samurai OME Shock
Front Samurai OME Spring
OME Samurai Steering Dampener
Rear Samurai OME Shock
Rear Samurai OME Spring
OME Samurai Spring Bushing kit
Optional Components

Complete Old Man Emu Suspension Select rate Click to add to cart
Samurai OME Suspension kits
(using only genuine Old Man Emu components)
Includes Springs, Bushings, Shocks


samurai ome   

 No ARB Warranty for OME springs used on SPOA.





jimny ome 

jimny ome
jimny ome

Jimny OME

For those of us stuck in the US, we might wonder what a Jimny is. Pretty much every other country in the world has these great continuations of the Suzuki Samurai.


Click on the pics for a larger view.

The top picture was sent by a Suzuki enthusiast in Belgium.

Lower pictured was submitted from, guess where.... Iceland!


For those who have a Jimny, we do carry lifts for your great little vehicles (of which we are all jealous here in North America). Jimny owners can enjoy the true comfort of Old Man Emu Springs and shocks.

If you're looking for a taller lift, just combine our polyurethane coil spacers with the OME kit and Long Travel shocks and get those big tires you want while still enjoying the best riding aftermarket suspension on the planet.




OME Suzuki Jimny, SN413 Select rate Click to add to cart
Front OME coil spring
Front OME Shock
Rear OME coil spring
Rear OME Shock
1" Coil Spacers (pair)



Complete OME Suspension, SN413 Select rate Click to add to cart
OME 2" Jimny Suspension kits:
Front and rear springs, front and rear shocks
OME 3" Jimny Suspension kits:
Front and rear springs, front and rear shocks, coil spacers


uspensions for Japanese Jimny, kits suit these vehicles with the passenger's side rear spring 20mm taller right side spring.
European built Jimny use equal height rear springs

Reference the OME factory guide lower on the webpage