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Samurai Diamond Plate Rocker Panels & Corners



Samurai Diamond PlateOur Samurai diamond plate rocker panels will spruce up your ride from that stock plastic junk.

The plastic rockers on your vehicle are also the ultimate rust collectors. If you don't have rust there already, you will.... but odds are high you already do.

The Samurai diamond plate rocker panes are easy to install, & come with an adhesive backing. Anyone can mount them.

Our diamond plate rocker panels also have a lip which wraps under the tub.



Samurai Diamond Plate Rocker Panels




Samurai Diamond Plate Rocker Combo

Combines our awesome Suzuki Rockrails (which you can see ) with our great looking Samurai diamond plate rockers as listed above. The two systems make for a perfect combination that not only improves the look of your vehicle, but also trail performance. Additionally, picking up the combo kit saves a decent amount of money over buying both separately.

You know you want it... so just do it!

Rocker combo kit





Samurai Diamond Plate

Samurai Diamond Plate Corners

Got a boo-boo on your rear corner panels you want to cover up? Or maybe you just want to spruce the look of your vehicle....

We got you COVERED (pun intended).

Kit comes with pop-rivots and is built to accommodate the rounded curves of the Samurai rear bed.

Diamond Plate Corners