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Electrical POWER kits

Samurai Alternator Upgrade



Samurai AlternatorLet's face it, that sissy little 40amp Samurai alternator just doesn't cut the mustard when you throw a winch, lights, or modern stereo on your Zuk. Its time to give your Samurai a charge!


Pictured to the left is our 100amp alternator kit mounted up.


We introduce super simple installation hardware for a Delco alternator.

The alternator is a Delco 12-si that you supply and is available at pretty much any auto parts store, alt. repair shops, and most junkyards.  It is found on General Motors cars built from 1973 until 1985.  As a rule of thumb, the more factory electrical accessories on the vehicle it came from, the higher the amperage. Most you will find from a salvage yard are going to be in the 80amp range... roughly double that of the stock Samurai output. 

This alternator can easily be built to put out 130 amps with parts available at alternator shops. Read about the IZOOK product review here

Our mounting system provides the mounting bracket and instructions, you supply the rest and save $$$. Please pay close attention to our instructions as incorrect wiring can fry the regulator. Call our store if you have questions on this during installation.


Samurai AlternatorWe do also carry new 100amp alternators. Make sure and save your stock Samurai pulley for mounting to the new Delco alt. Our alternator kits exceed OE specifications for input voltage and amperage. All new voltage regulator, rotors, rectifier bridges, diodes, stators, fans, pulleys, solenoids, commutator, drive gear, armature, field coil, and brush assemblies. If you are looking for a Samurai alternator upgrade, Rocky Road has the fix for you and we even carry a full system with the mounting bracket, new alternator, and belt all ready to go.



 Delco Samurai Alternator kits  





samurai starter fixStarter Fix

Sick of the clickity, click, click???

This great little kit does more than stop that frustrating clicky starter it also gives your starter the power it's been starving for!!! If you get in and turn the Key to start your Zuki, and you find it has the dreaded Click Syndrome, then this is the fix it needs.

Don't delay in getting this High quality and easy to install kit.... because waiting can, and likely will cause damage to your Starter. Installs easily in about 5 to 10 min. Detailed, Easy to Follow Instructions, with Excellent pictures to assist those who are Mechanically / Technically challenged.

All wire is 14 gauge Automotive cross-linked wire , (OEM is 18ga.). Everything you need to install this is included, Except the Screwdriver.

Also a great kit to help prevent solenoid detrioration as it delivers more direct power to the starter.

  Clicky starter Fix - $16