Snowplow quick installation guide 

Whether you're considering a Personal Snowplow, or you've just brought one home, this guide will help you understand generally how the system works and how to get started. (note: be sure to follow the detailed owner's manual for assembly instructions).


Step 1: Confirm you received plow and mounting system when purchasing your Personal Snowplow.


Step 2: Obtain your custom vehicle mounting brackets.

In order to mount the snowplow onto your truck or SUV, you will need custom mounting brackets specific to your vehicle's make, model, year, 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive capabilities. We help you with this at time of order.

The custom mounting brackets are INCLUDED in the purchase price of the snowplow (as is free shipping). Rocky Road does sell the mounts separately if you want a kit for a second vehicle. 

A. Custom fitted mounting brackets specially designed to fit your vehicle, shown in picture at left.

B. A cross member piece that is secured between the mounting brackets under your vehicle

C. A galvanized upper plow mount that hinges on the cross member and attaches to the plow frame using a pin, shown in lower picture at left.

For full Installation guide, Click Here.