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Jeep Rock Sliders and Rockrails for CJ, YJ, TJ, JK Wrangler
& new Kicker Rock Sliders!

"If only the Titanic had these on."




Jeep Rock SlidersRocky Road's Jeep Rock Sliders are the original "Rockrail". Others may steal our name, but cannot match the protection. Our Jeep Rock Sliders are the creme' de la creme' of the Jeep rocker protection phenomenon.

We use tubing 3/16" thick. As an undeniable fact, NOTHING on the market is stronger than our Jeep Rock Sliders. Many other rocker bars are made from thin 1/8" wall material. With the width of our hitch grade tubing, the thickness

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Jeep YJ Rock Sliders
Side view of YJ Rockrails.
Jeep CJ Rock Sliders
Shot of our CJ 6 Rockrails.
Jeep TJ Rock Sliders
TJ Unlimited Super Sliders
of the 3/16" steel, nothing on the planet is beefier. We're so confident you could NEVER even hurt our Rockrails, that we offer a lifetime guarantee. If you can bend or dent one, we'll replace it.

Go ahead and try all you want, Rocky Road Rockrails are undamageable.

JK Wrangler Super Slider Kit...
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Key to the overall strength of our rocker bars (beyond the super thick tubing) is the mounting system. Most rockers are just reshaped angle steel which only bolt to the body. Not good enough! Even worse, we've seen rocker "guards" that only bolt to the frame or only the body!!! VERY weak mounting systems indeed. Each Wrangler Rockrail has a 10 point mounting system that ties into the body panel, the floor panel, AND the frame!

Look around, there is no better mounting system on the planet than ours. Most just use a cheesy angle-iron style plate which is just a piece of steel folded and bolted to the body. Sometimes it can look cool, but the mounting and design make it so your body is taking the brunt of the impact. Not good, not very well engineered.

Coverage. Our rockers not only protect the corner area of your Jeep, but also stand out from the side to offer a good buffer zone to keep your body off the rocks.

Rocky Road Rockrails are very simple to install and are completely 'bolt on'. In fact, the entire Rockrail can hang itself in place with the simple help of one small C-clamp to the frame. Nothing is easier! Our design distributes the load across a broad area instead of focusing it on small spots.

TJ Wrangler flares use existing holes in the body for mounting, no body drilling required.

You'll find Rocky Road Rockrails very attractive and blend in nicely with your stock flares and moldings. They run fender to fender and many folks have commented on their very OEM (factory) look.

Rocky Road Rockrails also tuck tighter to the body than any other rocker on the market as well.



Pictured at right is an example of an engineering detail of the Rocky Road Rockrail kits over others on the market. This just helps demonstrates one of the many superior engineering points in our system.

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Jeep Rock Sliders
Jeep Rock Sliders
Notice the top picture at right is a Rocky Road rock slider kit. See the beveled edge? The nice 45* ramp which would slide up and over any rock or stump on the trail? Its takes more time and effort to manufacture the kits this way, but that's all included with the Rocky Road kits.

Now take a look at the lower picture at right. This is from a competitor. Similar pricing for the rocker kits, but they cut their production costs by making the end a blunt square. Run that thing into a rock and you can clearly see the trouble you will face. Its a battering ram, not a rock slider. It could stop your vehicle cold or require you to bash away until something gives. Why would they build their kits with this engineering defect? Simple... its cheaper to manufacture with the flat end, so that's what they go with.

Also notice how much further down their kit hangs. Rocky Road kits tuck up tight!

This is one easily observed engineering advantage the Rocky Road kit offers... but there are many more.


We wouldn't trust anything less to protect our Jeeps and neither should you! All Rocky Road Rockrails carry our **lifetime guarantee**. We made them indestructible so they'll last forever and they are guaranteed forever, NEVER to bend on you, or dent!

In a nutshell, our Rockrails are the strongest and thickest bars on the market, best mounting system, and are guaranteed NEVER to bend. Why wouldn't you get a set?

CJ = Everything 1986 and older
TJ Wranglers = 1997-2006
YJ Wrangler = 1995 and older
LJ Wrangler = Unlimited thru 2006
JK Wranglers = 2007 and newer

Our Rockrails will work on all Rubicon models! 




Jeep Rock Sliders
Super Sliders mounted to a CJ 5. She's a bit rusty, but our Rockrails are dressing her up big time!


Jeep Rock Sliders
Super Sliders mounted up on a CJ8 (Scrambler) .
Jeep Rock Sliders
Super Sliders on our company TJ Wrangler.
Joe Belinsky's beautiful 78 CJ with Supersliders mounted up..

Jeep Wrangler and CJ Super Sliders

These rock slider bars offer all the strength and warranty of our regular Rockrails, but with the added bonus of an additional upper tube. This upper tube can provide even more protection against sliding into rocks, trees, or other trail hazards.

For any of the pictures at right...
please click the pics for larger views.


Not to mention increased side protection for your Jeep when it comes to side impact collisions for passenger safety. And if some chump happens to swing his car or truck door into your Jeep in a parking lot, it ain't gonna be you that's screaming when his door is all dented up from smacking your Superslider side protection bars. That's right... protection doesn't just have to be for the trail.

Everyone who has seen these on our shop 4x4s has wanted a pair. They are by far our most popular style of rock sliders. Supersliders are unequaled in strength and looks. If you don't see a picture for your vehicle, the shots on the right will give you a great idea of how our kits look no matter what Jeep, as they all have the same awesome 'look' about them.

The Superslider kits also make an excellent step for access to roof racks, helping put on your softop or bikini top, maintenance from above, and such.

Each Super Slider kit mounts identical to the standard Rockrail for the vehicle.

The kits also still features that great looking 45* front and rear edge. Not only good for looks, but alot more practical for trail use than our competition's squared off ends.

This is basically the same proven design and engineering as our world famous Rockrails, only with the extra slider tube up top for additional protection, coverage, and looks. We don't have pictures of the Super-sliders for all Jeeps at this time (unlimited is shown above), but the basic look is the same for all so check out the pics to the right for a good idea on this awesome design.

The extra slider tube up top offers additional side protection on the trail and off the trail. One of our favorite uses of the Superslider is as a bash guard against other swinging doors in a parking. Imagine the dismay of the chump who just threw open his car door only to whack it on the solid steel of your Superslider. He just stuck a nice dent in the edge of his door, your Jeep still looks cherry!


kl cherokee kicker sliderNew Kicker Rock Slider kits!

Same great mounting strength and overall design as our Superslider kits, but with that extra rear kick-out section in back. For years these have been hugely popular with the Toyota guys, and now Rocky Road is finally bringing them to Jeep people!

Click the picture for a larger view.

These kits offer superior protection, amazing good looks, and as you can see in the photo at left, the rear Kicker portion also features a Diamond Plate cover for a really cool look and the kit also provides excellent access for roof racks, as well as for use as a step into your Jeep.

Please note: We do need some cool pics of these on a Wrangler (and CJ)... any model. If you're the first to get back to us with some nice pictures we can use on oue website, we will provide a $50 refund back to you for the effort and as a Thank You.


Forget those 'folded or bent' style rocker cover-ups out of thin 1/8" steel... they make for a good show, but if you want true protection... nothing keeps trail hazards and damage away like the Rocky Road Supersliders.    




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Jeep Rock Sliders - Powdercoated
Jeep Super Sliders - Powdercoated
Jeep Kicker Sliders - Powdercoated, and Diamond Plate


Jeep Rubicon Rock Sliders

The world has discovered that Rocky Road parts are the absolute best on the planet. As a result of the somewhat overwhelming demand at this time for our kits, there can sometimes be a few weeks turnaround time. Please bear with us and understand sometimes the best things in life take just a little longer

 Super Sliders kit on Chris Sayre's Rubicon JK.
Chris is our head engineer and chief perfectionist.
Nothing looks better on his Jeep, or will on yours than Rocky Road Supersliders.

Click on the pic for a better view.