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2014+ Jeep Cherokee (KL) Offroad Parts & Accessories

A 2014 Cherokee Trailhawk properly outfitted by Rocky Road Outfitters.
Includes: RRO Rockrails, RRO Safari Rack system, RRO Winch & Bumper kits.


Jeep Compass Rock Sliders

Rock Slider & Rockrail/Steprail kits for
2014+ Jeep Cherokee, KL.
These fit all models and packages!


Jeep Cherokee roof rails

Jeep Cherokee KL, steel roof rails
allow you to install RRO Adventure
rack, crossbar kit, and other
universal rack options.

Jeep Compass Lift Kit

1" Suspension Lift for KL. Springs, Struts, and shocks.



new cherokee roof racks

Cherokee Roof Rack systems.
Rack kits with accessories, bare
racks, crossbar kits.... even see how to
create a bunch more space in the trunk.




Jeep Compass Bumper

Jeep Cherokee KL Bumper & Winch
Mount kits. Transform the look of your Jeep...
NOW for 4cyl and 6cyl engines!!!
You MUST check these kits out!



bulldog lighting

LED Light Bars



World's finest selection of high performance
offroad and auxiliary lighting systems.
Highly recommended for use on our
Rack and Bumper kits!





Offroad guidebooks
and trail descriptions





Safari grade winches and
(Please note: only the winches listed
on our KL Bumper page above will work
for your vehicle)




ARB Fridge

Adventure Fridge / Freezers for
backcountry, Overland travel,
camping, or daily use.



samurai carburetor rebuild

Odyssey Battery makes the ultimate off road battery.
Made in the USA!
not in Mexico like other red tops...
you know who you are!




Recovery and rescue equipment