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Heavy Duty Jeep Cherokee Axle kits

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Jeep Cherokee axle

Cherokee Alloy Axles

Jeep's Dana 35 is infamous for being weak and undersized. Just as a guideline for how weak they can be, The stock 35 axles are the smallest axles available in any popular 4WD on the planet! Anyone who has gotten serious about trail riding has seen them break, and break far too often... and being that it is a C-clip axle, you are STRANDED!

Anyone who wants to get serious about building their Jeep up needs to consider upgrading the stock axles. Problem is that custom axles can cost thousands of $, which puts them well out of range of most mortal Jeepers.

Rocky Road Outfitters has THE economical solution.

Our new High Performance Axles are available for the Dana 35 rear axle.

Unlike other performance axles, our Model 35 performance axles use the same spline count (27) as the stock axle thus eliminating the need to replace the stock differential with an aftermarket locker or a Model 44 differential thereby reducing the overall cost significantly.

Forged from SAE-4340 high strength alloy steel, the axles are heat treated twice to achieve the desired hardness. The combination of steel and heat treatment results in an axle that exhibits greater tensile and torsion strength. Overall strength is estimated to be at least 30% greater than stock axles, and wear resistance is improved considerably.

Jeep Cherokee axle upgrades

Due to the hardness of the steel, the splines are rolled, not cut like stock axles. The rolling process maintains the integrity of the steel better than cut splines. Increased strength and longevity make for an axle that can withstand the stresses of driving off-road far better than stock axles.

These axles offer...
Exclusive Alloy
Induction Hardened
"Rolled splines" which are up to 35% stronger than cut splines
Sold in pairs so you get left and right for this excellent price
Tone rings, seals, bearings, retainers
Grade 8 wheel studs
Forged, machined, heat treated, and tested


If you have been thinking about custom axle upgrades but have been cringing at the high cost from other companies, or are confused by all the carrier and spline changes of other kits.... fear not. Our kits make the upgrade as simple as can be. You have no reason not to upgrade now!

Another excellent advantage of using our kit is that you can keep your stock axles as spares. Use one of the other systems that change out the internals of your differential and your stock axles are useless. With our kit however, you can pack along your stock axles (just in case) and they will slip right back into the differential no problem. WIth our kit, trail repairs or repairs away from home are very easy. Chose one of those other kits with the spline change and you are S.O.L. (outta luck) until you get home and order up a replacement axle kit.

If you are a bit confused on whether you have the D35 rear axle or not, you can view our axle ID chart by clicking  

Our Super 35 kits also come with your choice of Powertrax or ARB Air Lockers for an excellent overall discount. Compare these kits to other shops kits at over $1000 (and that's not even for the ARB Air Locker kit)!!!


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All Cherokee kits listed above are good for Jeep Comanche with the Dana 35 from 1992-93 only.

Jeep Cherokee axleFor Super 35 purchases with the ARB Air locker, please make sure and specify your gear ratio in the special notes section of our online order form. Without this information, you may receive the wrong locker and will be responsible for shipping correction expenses.