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For the ultimate in a great looking safari rack at top quality for your Hummer, we offer racks by Garvin. Manufactured from 3/4" HD steel tubing. Available in the versatile 4" height, they are powdercoated black for a durable lasting finish. And best of all... bolt together to make it UPSable which seriously reduces shipping costs as opposed to other safari racks which must go truck freight at typically double the cost.

All Hummer Racks come with Floor kits included as shown.  

Hummer Wilderness Racks also come with a wide range of great accessories. Every rack uses a double crossbar system engineered for heavy duty service and to provide support for the floor kit. 



Super-cool prerunner style spare tire mount is manufactured from stout 1/4" steel plate. Features all grade 5 Zinc coated hardware, chain locking system, and black powdercoating. Fully adjustable for any size tire/wheel combo.

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Roof rack light brackets are also a great feature we like. Designed to bolt or clamp into existing holes in the rack, they are powdercoated with grade 5 zinc hardware. Designed to fit any light with a bottom stud mount. 4" or 6"




Never hit the trail without your trusty axe and shovel... and don't get clobbered or chopped by it when the going gets rough and parts start moving inside your Hummer. This mount system gives you a solid and safe way to carry your gear.

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Yet more cool stuff for your rack. The Hilift mount gives you a great way to carry your jack, with quick and easy access. Also alows you to place a lock to secure your HiLift for duty around town and less secure environments. Very solid and very safe mounting system for this heavy piece of mandatory trail equipment which every Hummer should have onboard.

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Unique to the Wilderness rack system is the Gas Can, or Water Can carrier system. This kit allows you to safely and securely carry these containers up top. A great item for the adventurer who finds pleasure in getting away from it all. The strap system is a cam lock that really snugs the container into place.

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Also unique to the Wilderness rack series is the ability to mount Thule and Yakima accessories. We use this system on our own Jeeps to carry our Kayaks and Mtn Bikes. Fits about any accessory as you can see which makes this Safari rack THE MOST versatile setup on the planet.

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Jim & Becky Warnken show off their H3 rack on the trail along the Mojave Rd.
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