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Grand Cherokee Lift Kits & Suspension Parts



Choosing a lift for your Jeep may be intimidating or confusing for some. There are so many options out there, prices, lift heights. If you have any questions at all about not only our lifts, but just lifting your Jeep in general, PLEASE feel free to call or email us. All of our technical staff are highly experienced at vehicle modification and can provide excellent assistance and insight for your decision.


WK2 lift and level kit

2.5-to-1 LIFT AND LEVELING kit for WK2.

2011-18 Grand Cherokee!!


WK2 Lift Kit

2011-18 WK2 2.5" LIFT KIT!!!
World's first and best engineered
suspension lift for your
Grand Cherokee!
Also for 2011+ Dodge Durango.

OME Lift Kits &Components
All Years Grand Cherokees &



WJ Lift Kit

WJ (1999-2004) Old Man Emu 3.5"
suspension system. OME is undisputed as
the finest ride quality in the world.


Grand Cherokee wk lift kit

2005-2010 WK Grand Cherokee
Lift kits. The very first suspension
kit on the planet for this Jeep...
and still the best.

 ZJ Lift Kit

ZJ Grand Cherokee (1993-98)
Old Man Emu 3.5" and 4.5" suspension
kits. B
est riding and engineered
components on the planet, that is a FACT!

Jeep Grand Cherokee Lift Kit

1993-2004 Grand Cherokees.
ZJ and WJ... Simple, inexpensive.

WK2 Lift Kit

Eibach Lift/Leveling Kit!
2011-15 Grand Cherokee (WK2)
2" Front, .5" Rear

 WK2 Leveling Kit

WK2 Leveling kit!

2011+ Grand Cherokee leveling kit.
Easy to install, easy on the wallet.
1.75" of lift for the front of your WK2 or Durango!

 Grand Cherokee Control Arms

Front Upper Control arm kits
for 2011+ Grand Cherokees to help
with alignment, tire clearance, and

And for 2011+ Dodge Durango.

 Grand Cherokee Control Arms

Upper Control arm kits for the WK
Grand Cherokees (2005-10), and


Grand Cherokee Control Arms

GRAND Cherokee Control Arm kits.
Fixed, Adjustable, Johnny Joints for ALL
Grand Cherokees. Click to find out why
you should look nowhere else for
your control arms.

Sway Bar Disconnects

Swaybar disconnect kits to increase
suspension articulation AND stability
for 'on-road' driving

Jeep Grand Cherokee Track Bar

Adjustable Track bars,
and mounting kits. Helps keep
your axles properly aligned.

Left hand & Right hand drive kits.


 Jeep Grand Cherokee Control Arm Drop

Control Arm Drop kit for ZJ Grand
Cherokee. Smoother ride, increased
suspension flex, a better Jeep!

Jeep Grand Cherokee Shocks

Rocky Road engineered shocks are designed
specifically for the weight of your Jeep. Most
shocks are built for full-size pickups, then
simply sold to Jeep owners...
not Rocky Road

Shock Bar Pin Eliminators for
the ZJ Grand Cherokee


Jeep Grand Cherokee Coil Spacers

Polyutrethane coil spacers,
with a lifetime guarantee!
Available for 93-04 Grand Cherokees

Jeep alignment parts.

Cam bolts and offset ball joints for
your Jeep at killer prices!

WK trim packer kit

WK and WK2 Front Strut Trim
Packer kit. This kit can be added to the
front strut for extra boost to help
level any 2005 & newer Grand Cherokee

Transfer case drop kits to help
correct driveline angles and
vibrations when lifting.

Grand Cherokee Adjustable Coil Spacers

Adjustable height lift spacers.
And standard poly coil spacers
for the ZJ Grand Cherokee

ZJ Rear Track Bar kit.

Corrects your rear trackbar for
lifts 3" and up. Solid thru-frame
mounting. A must-have!