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2014 Jeep Cherokee suspension lift kit, rack, skidplates, rock sliders, accessories.

2014-jeep-cherokeeRocky Road is well established as the leader in high quality accessories for the newest model Jeeps. We were the first to adopt the Liberty, then the Grand Cherokee 2005-2010, the Patriot & Compass, and the newest Grand Cherokee, 2011+.

We are proud to release our current parts line for the new 2014 (KL) Cherokee and hope to continue to expand our product line as time goes one. One unfortunate hurdle which cannot be overcome though is the suspension on the new Cherokee.

The Jeep was designed with an ultra-modern zero-tolerance front end alignment system which in essence means that beyond adjusting "toe", there are no other adjustments available in the alignment system. This in turn makes it quite difficult and VERY expensive to modify, or lift the new Cherokee.

Since the front "cradle" which supports the engine, radiator, crash and impact systems would have to be removed for a change in the control arms, an installation of a lift kit would probably run in the $1000-2000 price range. Add in the cost of a lift kit on that and you're in the $1500-2500 price range to do a mild 2" lift on this Jeep.

As a result, we have determined and regret to inform that it is simply no feasible to offer a suspension lift for the new Cherokee at this time.

The good news, if there is any, is that the Trailhawk model Jeep comes with a factory raised suspension and our testing of the vehicle has shown us that while this is no Rockcrawler's dream ride, it is still an extremely capable offroad 4WD vehicle. Combined with the accessories we are producing, the new Cherokee will be perfect for many no looking for a hardcore 4x4, but rather a reliable and capable backcountry vehicle.

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